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From 1929 until today the company “MULIĆEV REKORD NA UMJETNOM DRVOREZBARSTVU 1929” produces the highest quality stylistic furniture, using only the finest and noblest materials and state-of-the-art methods of wood treatment and protection and also cultivating the Bosnian tradition and heritage. Each piece of furniture is done manually and, as such, is an original and unique.

Our product range is very wide, from the small carved boxes, racks, frames, backgammon sets to the high-quality stylistic furniture, settees, beds, bedrooms and complete furnishing of modern conference rooms and residences.

Our company pays special attention to the interior decoration of religious buildings of all religious communities.

We fully shaped interior of dozens of mosques in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, Turkey and beyond, like mihrabs, minbars, small pulpits, calligraphic panels (lawhas), doors, windows, fences, etc...

From the long tradition of our company it’s worth mentioning the fact that we made chairs for the Holy Father during his both pastoral visits to Bosnia and Herzegovina, in Sarajevo 1997 and Banja Luka 2003.

Most recent Bosnian hotels and ceremonial residences are decorated with furniture and products of “Mulic Rekord” and our products you can find in all continents.

In the photo galleries you can see on this page there is a part of the handicrafts of “Mulic Rekord”, but photos can’t show all subtle details, so we invite you to visit our Museum of woodcarving, unique in Europe, with displays made in our workshop 100 years ago which with its elegance, quality and durability testify about the quality of our products. The museum is located in the town of Konjic and don’t miss to visit it.
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